Hey-o, my name is Ruth Halloran
I live in San Francisco and graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing many eons ago.. But I've pretty much shelved that and went on to do illustration (with a focus on comics) and design for mobile advertising. I contribute weekly to Paperlinks Press, a self-publishing collective founded by five lady-artists on the West Coast (the Best Coast). For any queries, professional or otherwise, please contact me at ruhalloran@gmail.com or hit me up on tumblr / linkedin.

Excerpts from Resident Fatal Game, the choose your own adventure / survival horror / yokai manual. APE 2013, 50 pages.

Excerpts from Paperlinks 1, a collaborative autobiographical zine between myself and Rachel Millar. APE 2012, 30 pages.

Excerpts from The Joy of Cooking People, a manual on modern and ancient torture methods. Zinefest 2013, 12 pages.